Dementia is Closely Related to Hearing Loss

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Did you know for those older than 60 years, the risk of dementia is closely related to the severity of hearing loss?¹ Research Indicates a link between hearing loss and mild cognitive impairment, a condition that can be a precursor to Alzheimer's disease.² In 2017, an estimated 5.5 million Americans have Alzheimer's Disease and every 66 seconds, someone develops the disease.³ Brain pathways need to be utilized or the pathway can close off. It's a classic case of, "use it or lose it". Fortunately, there's a potential upside. there's a possibility that treating hearing loss more aggressively could help stave off cognitive decline and dementia.⁴
Hearing loss can be difficult to self diagnose. The brain is able to overcome the gradual decline in hearing, similar to how the brain blocks out seeing your own nose all the time. An annual hearing evaluation can help discover if you have hearing loss, the type of hearing loss you may have, and how your hearing health and quality of life can be improved. Because, life is worth hearing! Call us at Memphis Audiology at 901-310-5983 to schedule your appointment!

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Unable to Hear the TV?


Did you know one of the biggest concerns from people is they can’t understand what’s being said on the TV? Do you find yourself hiking the volume continually higher? Does your spouse want the volume lower or even off? With an added accessory, you can stream the stereo audio from the TV directly to your hearing aids. With a simple App on your phone, you can adjust the TV volume independently from your hearing aid volume. This enables you to take full control of your environment. Call Memphis Audiology at 901-310-5983 for more information!

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Control Your Hearing Aids Through an App on Your Phone


Did you know you can take full control of your hearing aids through an app on your phone? For the most part, the latest hearing aids do a great job of automatically adjusting to your environment. Maybe you sat down to eat at your favorite restaurant and it’s particularly noisy. You can change settings on an app through your phone to really focus on that business luncheon or coffee with your friends. Background noise can make it challenging to stay engaged in conversation, but you can take command and hear the important stuff. Because remember, life is worth hearing! Call us today at 901-310-5983 for a hearing evaluation or browse our website for more information.  

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Bluetooth Connectivity with your Hearing Aids.


Have you ever avoided making a phone call because you couldn’t understand people on the other line? Did you know the latest generation of hearing aids can connect to your phone enabling you to hear your phone calls better than ever? Not only can you hear the call better, but you can hear it in both of your ears (with two hearing aids). This makes for drastically improved conversations over the phone. At Memphis Audiology, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life through better hearing. Call us at 901-310-5983 to schedule an appointment or check out our website for more information. We service West Tennessee and North Mississippi, including Memphis, Colliervile, Germantown, Cordova, Bartlett, Arlington, Olive Branch, Southaven, and Hernando. Remember, life is worth hearing!

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Grand Opening on Oct. 23rd!

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We are beyond excited to announce our grand opening on October 23rd! At Memphis Audiology we know community is so important. We hope to give back by providing the best hearing services possible! We know that hearing is important to your quality of life. Don't you hate having to ask "what?" repeatedly or miss the punchline of a funny joke? Hearing plays such a crucial role into our social lives. We as people love to laugh and be a part. Make an appointment today for our grand opening to improve your quality of life, because, life is worth hearing!

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