Finance or Lease Your Hearing Aids

Lease Program


Allegro Credit has offered a leasing program, where they purchase the hearing aids for you and you make monthly payments to them. This opens the door for those that can't or don't want to put up the expense all at once. Now you can have the top of the line hearing aids with a full warranty for a low monthly cost. 

You Receive:

  • Free Batteries
  • Full Warranty
  • Professional Care from our Licensed Doctors
  • Free Programming, Cleaning, and Adjustments
  • Full Loss & Damage Coverage
  • Free Upgrade After 3 Years

Call us at 901-310-5983 for more Details!


Finance Program

We've partnered with Care Credit to offer financing for out of pocket expenses not covered by Insurance or Medicare. Hearing loss can make a profound impact on your day to day life. That's why at Memphis Audiology, we want to provide you with every tool possible to make your life better. You may not be ready or have expected to come out of pocket for hearing aids. It's OK! We understand and offer 6 and 12 month financing at 0% interest.¹

Visit the Care Credit website for more details¹